FP-E50E-W Air Purifier


FP-E50E-W Air Purifier (Haze Mode / HEPA)

High-Density Plasmacluster Ions Remove Airborne Mold and Viruses

Removal of Airborne Mold *1

Suppressing the Activity of Airborne Viruses *2

Removal of Airborne Dust Mite Allergens *3

Reduction of Static Electricity *4

Removal of Clinging Odors *5

Haze Mode Powerfully Collects Haze Particles and Keeps the Room Air Clean
When in Haze mode, operation is at maximum airflow for the first 10 minutes, and then switches to a higher airflow for the next 50 minutes. After that, operation repeatedly alternates between normal and high airflow every 20 minutes.

Combination of Plasmacluster Technology and Three-Step Dust Collection System
1. REMOVE - Plasmacluster Ions Reduce Static Electricity
2. COLLECT - Powerful Air Suction and Unique Airflow Circulation Quickly and Efficiently Collect Dust and Other Particles
3. CAPTURE - High-Performance Filters Capture Airborne Dust and Odor Particles

*1 Effectiveness in a test space of 31 m3 after 195 min. of use.
*2 Effectiveness in a closed test space of 25 m3 after 18 min. of use.
*3 Effectiveness in a test space of 31 m3 after four weeks of use (one day: 24 hours).
*4Effectiveness in a test space of 41 m3 after 80 min. of use. The effectiveness depends on the odor type, odor intensity, and material of object measured.
*5Effectiveness in a test space of 41 m3 after 10 min. of use.


Model Name: FP-E50E

Recommended Area: Air Purifing #1: 39m2

Recommended Area for high-density Plasmacluster ions#2: 23m2

Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz): 220-240, 50/60

Power Input (Max / Med / Low) (Watts): 46/17/4,6

Standby Power (Watts): 0.8

Inverter Operation: Yes

Air Flow (Max / Med / Low) (m3/hour): 306 /186/ 72

Noise Level (Max / Med / Low) (dBA): 51 / 41 / 24

Special program mode: Haze mode, Auto restart, Child lock#3,Off Timer

Filter Type: Dust Collection - HEPA #4
Deodorization - Activated Charcoal filter

Pre-Filter: Yes

Filter Life: Dust Collection (Up to 5 years #5)
Deodorizing filter (Up to 5 years #6)

Sensor: Odor - YES
Dust - YES
Clean sign indicator
Dust and odor - YES (3 steps)

Power Cord Length (m): approx 2.0

Plug Type: Type C (2-pin)

Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm): 357 x 576 x 201

Net Weight (kg): 5.5

Replacement filter: HEPA Filter (FZ-E50HFE)
Deodorizing filter (FZ-E50HFE)

Plasmacluster ion purification

Airborne microbes: Airborne mold, Dust mite remain allergens, Airborne microbes, Dust mite feces allergens, Ammonia odor, Airborne viruses

Clinging odors: Cigarette odor, Body odor

Filter purification
Capture and reduction of growth: Airborne microbes, Dust mite remains, Viruses, Dust mite feces, Tree pollen

Deodorizing: Cigarette odor, Mold odor, Kitchen garbage odor, Pet odor, Ammonia odor, Toilet odor, Body odor, Cooking odor, VOC #6

Capture: Airborne mold, Pet dander, Cigarette smoke, Plant pollen, Pet hair, Mite dust, Tree pollen, Dust, Diesel exhaust

#1 Recommended room size: Measured based on the JEM1467 standard of the Japan Electrical Manufactures Association
#2 Size of a room in which approximately 7,000 ions can be measured per cm3 in the center of the room (at a height of approximately 1.2 meters from the floor)when the product is placed next to a wall and operated at the maximum setting
#3 By pressing the Child lock button for more than three seconds, the operation buttons are locked to help prevent inadvertent operation by children or pets
#4 HEPA is defined by the Japan Electrical Manufactures' Association Standard, JEM1467. The Filter removes more than 99,97% of 0.3-micron dust particles
#5 At a smoking rate of five cigarettes per day
#6 Volatile organic compound (VOC). The effectiveness of reducing three volatile organic compound (formal dehyde, toluene, and ethyl acetate) was tested by Sharp.

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  • Manufactured by: Sharp

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