FU-A80E-W Air Purifier


FU-A80E-W Plasmacluster Air Purifier

Plasmacluster Ion Technology

Efficiently suppress the activity of airborne viruses and microbes

Acts on both airborne and adhering mold to suppress the proliferation of mold

Decompose and remove airborne allergens (e.g Dead dust mite, dust mite faeces, pollen and house dust)

Decompose and remove adhering odors

Removes static electricity to prevent pollen and dust from circulating in the room and clinging to curtains or clothing

The Dust Sensor
Equipped with odor sensor, the unit constantly monitors air quality to adjust fan speed during Auto operation.

Huge area coverage
With an applicable room size of 60m2, larger rooms in your house can also be purified effectively.


Model Name: FU-A80E

Air Purification System: High-density PCI Generator & Fan

Plasmacluster Ion Modes: ON/OFF

Plasmacluster Indicator Light: YES

Operation Button: 5

Applicable Floor Size*1: Air Purifying - 62m2
High-density PCI*2 - 31m2

Fan Speed Mode: 4 (Auto / Max / Med / Low)

Fan Speed Indicator: YES

Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz): 220-240 / 50/60

Power Input (Max / Med / Low) (Watts): 75/20/5

Standby Power (Watts): 0.75

Air Flow (Max / Med / Low) (m3/hour): 480 / 300 / 120

Noise Level (Max / Med / Low) (dBA): 53 / 41 / 23

Filter Type: Dust Collection
Activated Charcoal filter

Pre-Filter: No

Filter Life*3: Dust Collection (Up to 2 years)
Deodorization (Up to 2 years)

Sensor: Odour NO
Dust YES

Automatic Operation based on Sensor(s): YES

Clean Sign Indicator: YES

Power Cord Length (m): 2

Plug Type: Type C (2-pin)

Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm): 402 x 620 x 245

Net Weight (kg): 8.1

Replacement filter: Dust collection/Deodorization

*1 Based on the standard of Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association (JEM1467)
*2 Size of a room in which approximately 7,000 ions can be measured per m3 in the center of the room (at a height of approximately 1.2 meters from the floor) when the product is placed next to a wall and run at the MAX operation position.
*3 The value of the Filter Life will vary according to the frequency of usage and the conditions of the surrounding environment.

Design and Specifications are subjected to change without prior notice and are correct as on November 2011

Retail Price: S$599.00
Price subject to 7% GST

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  • Manufactured by: Sharp

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